Warden rules no application for exemption can be made

Mar 27, 2017

In Carnegie Gold Pty Ltd v George Victor Brewer [2017] WAMW 7 the warden answered a preliminary question posed by the parties concluding: “… on a proper construction of the Mining Act, that the holder of a mining tenement may not apply for and be granted a Certificate of Exemption in circumstances where a Form 5 expenditure report has recorded an expenditure of an amount which exceeds the minimum expenditure for the commitment for the relevant year.”


Warden holds that prior to marking out a special prospecting licence, the applicant must obtain a permit to enter from the native title holder.

Mar 14, 2017

In Sheehan v Red Sky Stations Pty Ltd [2017] WAMW 6 the warden refused an application for a special prospecting licence because the applicant had not obtained a permit to enter from the native title holder prior to marking out the application.